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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  December 30, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. bay area students busted with pot come home from their ski trip. we were there when the buses rolled in and so were their parents. an emotional day in iowa. the conversation that brought newt gingrich to tears. >> who would steal an animal from the zoo? the evidence somebody swiped the infamous banana sam in the middle of the night and how much the reward is tonight. good evening, i'm allen martin.
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>> and i'm elizabeth cook. we begin tonight with breaking news. a five-year-old boy has been shot in oakland. >> happened at international and 55th streets. don knapp talked with the family member tonight. don. >> this occurred about 8:40 this evening and we are starting at 54th and international. you can see a little bit of police activity at 55th and international. there is a food truck and we believe the boy was shot in the stomach while accompanying his father who owns the truck. the boy had been taken to a hospital and was said to be in critical condition. there have been some reports. unconfirmed he may have died. we talked to a man who said he is an uncle to the boy's father. his name is jose. >> i feel bad. family. i don't know what's going to happen. i don't know. >> obviously very sad time for the family, noel knowing a lot.
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trying to get information tonight. police are conducting a rather intense investigation. the kind of things they do when there is a homicide or shooting and injury that looks like it might turn into a homicide. we only know that the boy was said to be in critical condition. we have not been able to confirm whether or not he has died. this is the second shooting of a child here on international boulevard since august. as recalled back in august, three-year-old carlos was shot in what police say was a gang related incident and where gang rivals were firing at one another. that boy died. he was three years old. and then a month ago on november 29 in west oakland, little hiram lawrence was shot while in his father's arms while watching a rap video being made. he died 11 days later when taken off life support. we are standing by trying to get more information confirming what may be very bad news for this little boy shot in the symptom mechanic here on international boulevard. reporting live in oakland, cbs
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5. they got caught with a massive collection of illegal drugs and alcohol. bay area teenagers were headed to utah on a ski trip. none of them were arrested or sited for possession. robert lyles with the question a lot of people are asking, why? robert. >> elizabeth, quickly left unloading 150 teenagers from this now controversial ski trip. only cbs 5 cameras with there are capturing this arrival. now none of the students on board those buses, the 56 passenger buses would speak to cbs 5 nor would many of the parents waiting to pick them up. as you just mentioned, this is a story that generated serious questions, particularly from viewers like is this a case of selective police enforcement? >> the annual ski trip is as anticipated as senior prom. >> yes, i have a will the of friends on that trip.
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>> why is the anticipation so high? because it's their opportunity to get high. >> a lot of people bring illegal materials on there. >> oh yeah, definitely a lot of partying. >> you can't not notice it. >> not the drugs as some drinking. >> in fact, it's hard to ignore the mass collection of marijuana, and alcohol confiscated by police. collected from five buses filled with students from some of the bay area's most privileged high schools. police kept the drugs, but did not arrest or even site any of the teens involved. selective police enforcement, yes says a bay area principal. she wrote the police chief asking, if this was a group of youth from a different ethnic background, if the results or consequences of their actions would have been different. >> a lot of weed and you know, maybe ecstasy. >> this student didn't want to be identified because illegal drugs are sold on campus and on
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the annual ski trip. in fact, police admit a similar drug bust happened last year with the same trip organizer. >> i think people knew before. my parents did. >> cbs 5 legal analyst, paul henderson. >> that's more than just constructive notice. that's actual notice. so that people knew or should have known that there were problems associated with the trip in as much as the students that were involved had drugs or were engaged in illegal activity. >> this former student who did not want to be identified says the ski organizer, swat, uses students to recruit on campus. >> it's not like this is done in secret. >> if the buses are dropping them off at the school and picking them up at the school, i feel like the administration has to know about it. >> speaking of buses, the final tour bus on this now infamous trip is just leaving
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the high school parking lot. now this case generated some serious questions, like is there a criminal case pending against or at least a criminal investigation of the ski organizers, swat, and will the returning students face discipline from any of the nearly 11 high schools, local high schools that are represented? we tried contacting the nevada police chief. he was not available tonight. we made attempt to speak with the union high school school district. still no response from them either. live from louisiana la fayette. >> iowa voters are on the fence. many of them, gop candidates pushing hard to get those undecided votes. but as jan crawford shows us, for many iowans who to vote for is more difficult than ever before. >> trust iowa. >> mitt romney rolled into a supermarket parking lot with new jersey governor, chris cristie and hundreds of
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cheering supporters. >> chris cristie, the great governor of new jersey. >> just 15 miles away, newt gingrich had a cfertion conversation with a mother's group and brought the former speaker to tears. >> my emphasis on brain science comes indirectly from dealing -- dealing with, you know, the real problems of real people in my family. so it's not a theory. it's in fact, my mother. >> at the candidates try different ways to connect with voters over the next four days, anything can happen. this election year is iowa undecided. a poll released this week said 43% of iowa voters haven't made a final decision. the field is tight with romney, ron paul, and the surging rick santorum at the top.
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gingrich and perry could still have an impact. stay at home mom says voters are looking for a perfect candidate in a crowded field. >> people i know are paying attention, most of them are undecided. we just don't know who we are going to vote for. >> the big difference now is among associate conservatives. four years ago, most of those voters thought mike huckabee was the obvious choice. now that vote appears split. some social conservatives say they can't decide whether to back gingrich, the big thinker they want to see debate obama or santorum. >> i'm torn between trying to go for that strategic candidate that will be able to beat obama or to go with a person that i truly would most align with politically. >> now voters say there are two main reasons they can't make up their minds. number one, all those republican debates. put the candidates on equal footing. so their strengths and weaknesses. and number two, the country's
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future hangs in the balance at this election and they need just the right candidate to beat barack obama. dan crawford, cbs news, des moines, iowa. >> governor jerry brown is on his way for asking you for more money. his campaign to raise taxes has already collected $1.2 million. some of the biggest donors include a triable group and a hospital industry political action committee. the governor wants voters to approve an initiative that would raise taxes on the state's highest earners and boost sales tax by half a cent. >> the governor is considering granting creme si to a woman who served ten years in prison convicted of shaking her infant grandson to death. she claims she is innocent and some powerful people are beginning to believe her. >> i'm very angry. >> she is a grandmother and mother breaking her silence for the first time in 15 years. >> this is terrible.
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i'm innocent. you know. i didn't do what they said i did. there's no way. no way. >> shirley smith has been fighting for her innocence for nearly two decades. >> i wrote over 200 letters. i have called. i didn't think anyone would hear me. her emotional journey began inside this complex on rosco in 1996. smith moved from illinois to help care for her daughter's four grandchildren. one night while babysitting, she found her seven week old grandson lifeless. paramedics said it was sudden infant death syndrome. the coroner ruled smith had shaken the baby to death and the courthouse convicted her to 15 years to life despite testimony from smith and her
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only daughter that she would never harm the kids. >> there was no physical signs of the shaking. well, that just is not consistent with shaken baby syndrome medical literature. >> shirley smith spent ten years at the prison in chino. a federal appeals court ordered her release, saying the coroner presented theories. then, the u.s. supreme court stepped in. smith has to go back to prison. >> she's not able to do what she wants to do. go where she want to go without having to ask somebody. >> i can't believe this. i cannot believe this is happening. >> we talked to her daughter by phone in minnesota tonight. >> ultimately, i would like to
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see superior court, the six judges voted against her to overturn. >> prison is so horrible. it's so horrible. it becomes more horrible when you don't belong there. >> the return, the reward for the safe return of a squirrel monkey stolen from the san francisco zoo has increased to $5,000 tonight. thanks to a private donation. banana sam, as the monkey is known, disappeared last night and investigators believe someone stole him. joe vazquez explains what happened. >> taylor, the squirrel monkey scrambles around his habitat and entertains the children. he may be sad as he is now missing a friend named banana sam who locks a lot like him. somebody stole banana sam early this morning. >> however this animal was
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taken was probably forceful and you know, it's heart wrenching. it's like losing a member of our family and we just want them back. >> banana sam is 17 years old, a foot tall, and weighs only 2- pounds. zoo employees noticed someone had cut two holes in the outside mesh enclosure of the squirrel monkey exhibit. >> one was a fairly small hole. about a foot long or so. the other hole was fairly large. large enough for a small person to go in. >> noticed banana sam was missing. they decided to remove the other monkeys and keep them inside for the day. >> horrible. >> it perplexes me to think someone would take one. they are so cute and adorable. i could see why someone would want them, but terrible thing tho do to a zoo. >> who would steal a monkey? >> i have no idea y.
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unfortunately, some primates rleal as pets. they are not legal in california. primates do not make good pets. they belong her. >> her kidnapping comes four days after the tiger incident. one young man was fatally mauled and two friends were injured after they taunted tat tatiana, the tiger. that said, a zoo official told me that if someone is determined, they can pull off a theft like this one today. they will be stepping up security, though, for the next few days. at the sphab san francisco zoo, cbs 5. >> we have news. the five-year-old who was shot at a taco truck in oakland. he was there with his father has died tonight. the shooting happened at about
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8:40. the little boy was the only one shot. the five-year-old has died. we'll have details, cbs 5's morning edition coming up at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and coming up later in this newscast, fee or no fee? why verison is coining a flip- flop. >> what you see online may not be what you get.
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complained. : verison dropped a plan to charge customers for one-time online payments. yesterday, verison announced the plan for what it called convenience fees. hoping to steer customers to automatic payments, which are cheaper and more reliable. customers were outraged and started an online petition against the fees. today verison posted a statement on its website saying customer feedback led to their decision to eliminate the plan. breathtaking views and posh pools. >> hotel websites promise you paradise. how far stars to one person can be a dump to another. >> it was just a big shock. it was a lot different than the website. >> laura expected to get the finest modern amenities with old world elegance in the heart of los angeles.
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that's what it says on their site. instead of the promised charging hotel. >> it felt really grows and dirty. >> this is what she got. >> beds didn't even have covers on them. they had a piece of flowered sheet. >> her photos show ripped up carpet, exposed electrical switches and from her 12th story room. >> you can open the window and reach right out. no safety screen, nothing at all. >> and when a cbs camera went inside, it revealed damaged base boards, and an unhappy customer on the 15th floor. >> oh my gosh, no screen at all. that's the most dangerous thing i have ever seen. >> you look online, you research around and you arrive at the hotel you chose and it wasn't what you imagined. >> the travel company created something called the photo fakeout. his team traveled to 1500 hotels snapping pictures of what you really get.
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shows its pool. in reality, the view is by a department store in one of the busiest streets in l.a. this hotel photo leads you to believe you are right next to the capital. >> this is a part request that you cannot see. you buy and you can't return it. when they exaggerate, they taking that away from you. >> laura learned you can't always believe what you see. >> you should be able to deliver it. >> hotel declined to comment, remember, it's always best to read online reviews before you book hotels. don't just rely on those star rate lings or the pictures. julie watts, cbs 5. ]?2ñ#ñeñhz
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this is my last forecast of 2011. i'm going to try to get this one right. folks, low clouds showing around the bay area right now. it is thick in spots, especially in some of the valley. in toward the santa rosa area. you can see the fog over the city of san francisco. beautiful over the transamerica building. but the temperatures are cooling off, getting chilly in spots outside. in fact, some of the numbers down into the 30s and that's exactly where we are seeing dense fog right now. 36 and thick fog there.
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48 degrees in concorde. 50 in oakland and 50 in livermore. we had a cold front sweep through. some light showers fell in the bay area. drizzle outside, but not enough to really make a significant dent in the rain fall total. now it looks like we are drawing out once again. saturday looked like more sunshine and the temperatures going to heat up. by the afternoon, most of the low clouds will mix out and temperatures in the 50s and 60s. that ridge continues to build in. probably an offshore wind. that will help to clear out your skies, making for a dry weekend. it's looking pretty good. a couple clouds throughout the day on and off, but nothing too bad. as we head towards new year's eve, have to watch out for patchy, dense fog. otherwise not bad at all. temperatures, 50s out toward the coastline and many of the valleys, as we look out over the next couple of days, we are going to keep you nice and dry. maybe a chance of showers as we head in toward the middle of next week. it looks like for the new
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year's eve, looking good. temperatures chilly. dress warmly out there. 40s to low 50s out toward the bay. we'll have more news when we come back.
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heavyweight champ brock lesr has retired.. le the ufc lost its top drawer. brock has retired.
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he fought at ufc in las vegas tonight. he got the win with a vicious kick to the body. you'll see it coming up. the ref stopped the fight. even though he was ufc's biggest draw, he fought eight times and finished with a railroad of 5-3. 4-3 in the ufc. the first place warriors will be without cocaptain against the 76ers. he is attending his grandmother's funeral and currie is hoping to play after missing a game with a sprained ankle. long night for the hawkeyes. they wanted no part of oklahoma's bell. their quarterback rushed for three touchdowns. the sooners over iowa 31-14. check this out, byu gets his helmet ripped off. he stays with the play and watch this, he comes out of nowhere and levels 93. great finish, byu out of
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timeouts. the cougars hustle to the lin o of scrimmage. throws it to cody for the game winning score. byu wins it, 24-21. music city bowl in nashville. rushing for 180 yards. one went for 60 yards and a touchdown. another geez for 72. bulldogs over wake forest. 23-17. yankees stadium. how about this, transformed for the pinstripe bowl. nearby rutgers leading iowa state by 7 and chaz fobbed this guy, brandon coleman goes over the defender. rutgers over the cyclones. time now for the friday night top five. let's start with number five. going against the bulls. goes way up. unbelievable. but chicago beats the clippers by 13.
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number four, lookout. the sky cam is falling. the camera, that is the cable, goes down. isn't that amazing. lookout marvin mcnut. nobody was hurt. number three, how does lebron james celebrate his 34th birthday? he scores 34 points. 4-0 beating minnesota. cang james says hello and gives his shoe away. >> magic at the bobcats. look at that. he grabs it in midair. and at number one, final second of the half. atlanta, marvin williams lets it fly from half court. yes, atlanta goes on and they beat the nets. that will do it for sports. >> was she going to sign it? >> i don't think anybody wants my shirt. been wearing that a lot. hopefully you'll be back tomorrow. >> we'll be right back. >> new shoes.
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dave letterman is next. >> we'll take the weekend


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